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The poor corpse of Paul McCartney
(a frame from the "Free as a bird" video)

Those wretches had tried to burn him to eliminate the evidence but only the legs had managed to be burnt before the rain had extinguished the fire.

When we arrived there was a line of police officers blocking us while a crowd of men in shirts were retrieving material for further investigation. They were so oblivious to the grief we felt that one of them had the audacity to exclaim right in front of the Paul's dead body: " Look seems like a walrus!" Well, with his teeth hanging outside of his eaten-up lips and with a shiny swollen ear and dripping wet he really did look like a walrus. John confronted the man who had spoken so insensitively and they began to brawl. He had to be pulled away as he howled: "I.., I am the walrus ..not him (Paul), I.., I am the walrus!"

Brian was found, two days later, in a car which had been pushed over a cliff and set alight. We were desperately aware that Paul, Brian and the Beatles were finished. But our anger made us think: we would not stop, we would not give up. Paul had left a lot of material that was yet to be published. We met: nobody had to know and Paul could still be kept alive. The only question was how.

It was announced to the press the Beatles' wish not to make any more concerts and only work in the recording studio which gave us a bit of breathing space. It was suggested to us from the same intelligence service department what to do:
they had in their secret labs at their disposal cosmetic surgeons with the technical skills to recreate perfect doubles but in exchange for their help we had to keep quiet about what had happened; the penalty for refusing to remain silent was death.

We found a look-alike for Brian and a few contenders for Paul but the main problem was to find one with the most similar voice possible. We had to check out a number of imitators (and there were many at that time) and find one with a face compatible with Paul's. We found a boy with a beautiful voice that was able to imitate Paul in a cogent manner but his face presented problems that would not be compliant with the cosmetic surgery needed.


The photo of the mysterious vocal imitator
( from the "White Album" poster )

We decided however to use him to complete the songs for the album that was in current preparation so it could be released as quickly as possible in order to divert the suspicions and rumours that had begun to hound us.
When we had all but given up the right man was found. His name was William Sheppard and he was with the Canadian Military Police.


The photo of Faul just before the first set of plastic surgery
( from the "White Album" poster )

He liked to sing and knew how to strum a bit on the piano. He had a beautiful voice but the quality of his Paul voice imitation was not as good as that of the boy who had already been working with us; however his face as presented was wonderfully compatible as regards to the profile and jaw, two key factors in determining the correct candidate that the cosmetic surgeons could use.

Despite this, there were a number of differences:
Paul was long-sighted
Bill was short-sighted
Paul had hair that naturally went from left to right
Bill had (has) hair that went naturally from right to left
Paul had a round face
Bill had a dug face
Paul was left handed
Bill was right handed


From Sgt.Pepper to Faul

After a while Bill accepted the job because he had had the left part of his face broken by an old accident and he wanted cosmetic surgery to fix it.

In an irony of fate the "substitutes" had inverted heights: The substitute of Paul was taller and the counterpart of Brian was smaller. For this, they suggested tricks that we were to adopt when we were filmed together.

In the meantime the record corporation, not knowing if the operation would be successful or not, decided to hurriedly publish a Xmas album of old songs of the Beatles without a photo on the cover but with one old photo retouched in the back; the color of Paul's suit was changed to black. And with this cover began the "hidden clues".

When Bill was in the police he was nicknamed (playing on his last name) "Sgt.Pepper" because he liked to drink and his nose, a bit rounded, was often red. After plastic surgery John gave Bill the nickname of "Faul" which means False Paul or only Faul(t).
Our introduction to Faul was the national hymn at start of "All you need is love" and "Sgt.Pepper" was the first album with the photos of Faul even though they needed to be retouched.

This album cover is full of messages. Many of those that you have discovered are true, others are not, others have been badly interpreted.

One of the most important is "Welcome The Rolling Stones" written with blood. We hadn't had news about who it was that had killed Paul and John was sure that his murder had been commissioned by the Rolling Stones as they were well-known as delinquents. The crowd is made up those that Paul would have wanted at his funeral.

The following facts are true: In the lowest row of flowers the word "Paul?" is written.
The goddess Shiva (not Kali!) indicates the old and new Paul - Alpha and Omega.
"Be at LESO" should be taken special note of - the truth lies in LESO.
LESO is not a island but the intelligence service department where there is the file brief with the name "Walrus".
The band had its name changed; they were no longer called "The Beatles" but only "Beatles".
Most effectively in the bass drum there are mirrored words:
it's the date of Brian and Paul's disappearance : 1ONE IX (September).


The famous Sgt.Pepper bass drum words
( from the front cover of "Sgt. Pepper" Album )

The references that you found on the back of the cover are all correct; it is also true that the photo has been taken with the text printed on a transparent sheet as a target. George points out the last completed song sung by Paul: "She's Leaving Home".

Faul had an older appearance in respect to Paul and so to confuse the issue we all grew beards and mustaches so we would all seem "a bit older". Despite this, Faul wore contact lenses to darken his natural green color eyes.
They were quite discreet but someone noticed that something had changed: the surgeons had forgotten to duplicate the small ditching that Paul had on his chin. This was retouched in the photos. Also Faul had to endure other plastic surgery sessions with some improvement although the result still wasn't perfect. The surgeons altered his mouth again: his teeth and his chin were fully rebuilt, his nose was made shorter and thinner, even his hands were reshaped and the cheeks (and chin) had to be increased with time-limited botuline injections when we were in public or when any photos were taken because his face was also a lot thinner than Paul's.


The photo of Faul after the second set of plastic surgery

In spite of these operations today's traces of the old scar can still be seen on Faul's chin along with ears which are orientated differently; a nose that does not look the same overall: Faul's is smaller and is not shaped the same; but above all the distance between the eyes is completely different: Paul's were much wider.This is the main reason why many photos were retouched.